5 Common mistakes when cooking pasta


It is a dish that everyone likes and can be prepared quickly without much work. Even the best cooks go wrong occasionally in search of the perfect pasta. Here are the most common mistakes made when cooking pasta.

Error nº1

Use pan too small for the amount of dough

If you add the pasta to the pan and there is not enough water, the pasta will lower the water temperature too much, which increases the cooking time and makes the pasta sticky due to excess starch for the amount of water. Instead, use a large pan with four to six liters of water to ensure the pasta cooks evenly.

Error nº2

Don’t put salt in water

Adding salt to water prevents the pasta from getting sticky, and adds flavor to the water which is absorbed by the food. Add salt when the water begins to boil.

Error nº3

Wash the cooked pasta

Washing the pasta removes the starch and salt.

Error nº4

Discard the cooking water

The cooking water has starch which is useful for making the sauce itself. This water makes the sauces more velvety. If you want you can also use it in soups or broths.

Error nº5

Let the pasta stand

The consumption of pasta should be immediate. Otherwise, the pasta gets sticky.

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