Cooking tips for cakes - Questions and Answers

Here are some tips for baking cakes that I hope will help.

Why do my cakes sink?

  • The oven was opened too early or the cake was still baking.

Why do frozen cakes become dry when defrosting to eat?

  • The packaging used is inappropriate or not freezing as soon as the cake has cooled.

Why do dried fruits sink into the cake batter?

  • The cake batter is too liquid or the nuts are too large.

Why do my cakes crack while baking?

  • The oven is too hot or the cake has been placed too high. This happens when the crust is formed too early, the cake continues to rise, and therefore the surface of the cake ruptures.

Why don't my cakes grow?

  • The cake has no leavening agent or the amount placed is insufficient. The cake batter is very rigid. The dough was overmixed and out of air.

Why do my cakes always seem too dry?

  • The cake took a lot of baking powder. It has been in the oven for a long time or has not been stored correctly.

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